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It has been a whole week since i updated this blog. For the most part it could not be helped. Last Wednesday night i began a really rough 24 hour period, and Friday i was still recovering from the Thursday. Yesterday i finished up a blog entry for one of my other secondary blogs and was trying to catch up from the over 200 e-mails i missed from last week, so... I still haven't heard back from my writing contest submission. Which is a bummer, but i have gotten a little bit more on my "novel" done. I am wondering if my personal deadline of next summer is actually going to happen. While i was sick i did get to play some more Fallout 3 (which i blogged about here). I am enjoying the short times i get to play this game. By God's grace it is not becoming all consuming. I believe i have already mentioned this, but i have learned about another game that is supposed to be coming out in June: Bloodbowl. I am really excited about that game as well. It is sort of a fantasy combat game based on American Football. I used to own two copies of this game, but i couldn't get my friends to play it consistently. They played it some, but eventually it sat on my shelf long enough i sold it (for practically nothing). I love American Football sims like Madden football. I just don't have the skills like most kids have these days with these kinds of games. I need the turn based system so i can keep up. While Fallout 3 is a long drawn out adventure, Bloodbowl will be one off games in a campaign like setting. I am going to wrap this up or else it will really ramble on. Music Monday should return 1-June... God willing.

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Ms. Coffee said...

Well I am glad you are feeling better. Seems that sickness is going around (yuck)!

I am glad to hear you are progressing on your novel. I guess the real question is what was your personal deadline for? Were you hoping it was complete? Were you hoping for an outline? Were you hoping for a rough draft?

I don't think that is to soon of a deadline, as long as you are planning accordingly.