Music Monday - 20090504

This weekend was a blur - which is normal - but it felt like i didn't really take the time to just sit at the Savior's feet to worship and listen. That made it hard for me to come up with a really good song so i started searching (kind of chaotically, and definitely randomly). I stuck with my top to two favorite Christian artists and just kind of touched on various songs. This song kind of stuck out and spoke to my weary soul...

Above All

Verse 1 Above all kingdoms Above all thrones Above all wonders The world has ever known Above all wealth And treasures of the earth There's no way to measure What You're worth Verse 2 Above all powers Above all kings Above all nature And all created things Above all wisdom And all the ways of man You were here Before the world began CHORUS Crucified Laid behind the stone You lived to die Rejected and alone Like a rose Trampled on the ground You took the fall And thought of me Above all (Chorus) (Chorus) Like the rose Trampled on the ground You took the fall And thought of me Above all

Before i forget... thanks to all of you guys who encouraged me about my writing contest entry. There were nine entries received, some quite long, but i am supposed to read the other eight and vote on which one i liked the most - but not my own. :) There are no prizes, and i am not really hopeful of winning. What i am hoping most to get out of it is some constructive criticism to learn from. According to the guidelines that were put out a winner will be announced sometime between now and 15-May.

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BigMama said...

Way to go on the writing! Can't wait to hear how it turns out.