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Ever feel like that whatever you do it's just not good enough. From a spiritual sense the notion is true. Our most valiant, Congressional Medal of Honor worthy, efforts will never bridge the gap between where we stand and where God is. But i am not referring to that in this post. Most people will agree that men - in general - are 'wired' to want to fix things. We see, or hear, about something that is wrong and we want to fix it. I know that when my beloved talks to me about various things it's very hard for me to not want to try and talk through how to fix things. Most of the time she just wants to talk it through, and for her that seems to be enough. but for me whatever it is is just lying there under the surface... waiting for me to take some form of action. And when that something is something that i have no control over, have no knowledge of how to fix, nor do i know anyone who knows how to fix... it can be extremely frustrating. Well, for the past eighteen months (and counting) my beloved has suffered from severe non-migraine headaches. She has been to several doctors and has been prescribed several medications. The antibiotics would help some, but once the Rx ran its course they would come back. The allergy medications worked the best but again, once they ran their course... She is currently receiving allergy shots once a week, and is on a pretty potent pain medication that she is supposed to take "as often as you need", but they leave her "loopy" for lack of a better word. The result is she is either kind of out of it, or in pain and is irritable to those around her. This has been her almost constant state for the last year and a half. The doctors have talked about the need to do various things like, remove carpeting from the house, get rid of pets (we don't have any), buy a Hepa vacuum cleaner, etc., so i started to look around to see what we could do. What i decided to do, that seemed to have the most impact for the money, was purchase a home air hepa system. A co-worked had to buy one for his wife who is severely disabled and says it changed her life. Before he had this system he had to perform the Heimlich manuver on her at least every other day, as well as change out his furnace filters every two to three weeks. Since he bought this system he has had to only do the Heimlich "maybe once", and he has gone to changing the furnace filters every other month. My beloved is not the only one who suffers with allergies, we all do. We also seem to have a lot of sinus infections during the fall and winter. I finally decided to do something by buying this system even though she is getting the shots and we all take allergy medicine. But it seems to be causing my beloved a lot of consternation. This is the story of my life. No matter what action i take it does not seem to be the right one.
A long time friend called me up out of the blue this weekend to see if i would like to catch a movie or something this coming weekend. Once i made sure the calendar was clear i took him up on it. We're going to go catch The Watchmen. Before seeing the trailers for this movie i wasn't sure what it was all about. By the time these graphic novels came out i had been out of the comic book 'scene' and not really keeping up with the various story lines, etc. But that shan't matter because it will be a chance to hang out with a friend and catch a 'guy's' movie because it's not something i do very often. Speaking of movies i caught wind of a new trailer put out on-line for the new Terminator: Salvation movie (Due in theaters May 21)... Speaking of which... i recommend the television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I check out various web forums for this show and the pessimism about this shows future drives me nuts. I am not naive enough to think that it will last forever, and it might even be hard to last beyond a this season, but i think it has a pretty good story line, and i am liking the characters enough to watch and try and keep track of what's going on. Fox, if you read this i am asking that you give this show a shot at a third season. I think the audiences out here will begin to appreciate it more as this season starts to wind down and some of the ideas the writers and trying to bring about. It may be taking longer than some may want it to, there are those of us out here that are willing to see some of the character development - especially that of the title character - we have seen of late. I know not everyone is into this genre, but i am pretty excited about it. I am also looking forward to The Road, but i think that movie will be more subdued. All of these things are spurring on my ideas for my "novel" (i use quotes because it is highly unlikely more than my immediate friends will ever read it, and probably not many of them). Still it is fun to write when i have time - which is about 300 words at a time. Well, this all i have time for today... here is the Yahoo! trailer for the movie...
Some day i might understand my fascination with this genre... that and my fascination with the feudal samurai... but of the latter i think i understand that a little more. May God richly bless each of you with His unlimited, and unmerited, grace.

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Susan said...

I totally understand that difference between men and women...you all want to "fix" and we sometimes want to "fuss" and get it out. I think you all will like the filter...even if it's not her first choice right now. Hope it all works out and her problem is resolved. That's a long time to deal with pain.