Music Monday 20090323

It was a fairly routine weekend around the 'dojo'. Friday night my two oldest had a sleepover at a friend's house, we had care group (small group, Bible study, Biblical Community) where i led the start of our "Love Dares" series. My beloved went to a going away party for a friend of hers who is moving away. Saturday i headed to a restaurant in Frederick, MD to meet up with some of my old National Guard buddies (some of the guys i had not seen since before they were deployed). After that, while i was heading to pick the boys up i heard my selection for this week on the radio. I could not tell you who the artist was that was singing it on the radio, and a subsequent search to find out who the original author was has been unsuccessful so far. I am counting on a more musically inclined blogging friend to fill me in because she has the really cool knack for knowing/finding this information. As i was listening to it i forgot all of the little trials i am going through. Thoughts of the odds and ends that usually fill my brain were temporarily pushed aside and i was able to just meditate on my Savior for those few brief moments. I often find it hard for me to do that. That is clear my head and just think about the things of God. During quiet times (which to be perfectly honest they are neither regular or long enough for my personal tastes), even while singing worship songs, my mind wanders. I am not sure how to take this (it's not just during times that i want to focus on God... i have similar difficulties when trying to read anything). Am i not disciplined enough? Is it that i don't take the time to train myself more, or is it something i should take medication for? Anyway, this song was a real blessing to me this weekend. For five minutes i was focused on my Savior, and i really felt refreshed.
The Wonderful Cross author: Isaac Watts (thanks Alise!) When I survey the wondrous cross On which the Prince of Glory died My richest gain I count but loss And pour contempt on all my pride See from his head, his hands, his feet Sorrow and love flow mingled down Did ever such love and sorrow meet Or thorns compose so rich a crown O the wonderful cross, O the wonderful cross Bids me come and die and find that I may truly live O the wonderful cross, O the wonderful cross All who gather here by grace draw near and bless Your name Were the whole realm of nature mine That were an offering far too small Love so amazing, so divine Demands my soul, my life, my all Musician performing in Video: Chris Tomlin
This song is one that stirs a wide range of emotions within me. Shame - because i know that it was my sin that brought Him to such a place. Sorrow that my Savior died to take my place. Joy that His death bought my peace and security. Contentment knowing that my eternity is secured. Frustration in my self that i continue to struggle over the sins that are nailed to that cross. Sometime back i had the privilege to listen to series of sermons by C.J. Mahaney titled, "The Main Thing" (i think that was the title). But in essence the heart of the message is that the cross is the center of what Christianity is all about. It does not matter what the denomination's traditions are, it does not matter what the beliefs are regarding baptism are - without the cross traditions and doctrines mean nothing. Our works and beliefs begin and end on what Christ accomplished on the cross. Our lives and messages need to be Christ and Cross centered.


BigMama said...

The chorus is Chris Tomlin's, but the lyrics to the hymn are from Isaac Watts. I absolutely ADORE this setting of the hymn. One of my favorites of all times.

Fantastic choice!

samurai said...

Thank you for the information and kind feedback. :)