Interaction with my children

Well, I have been wondering what to post about today - nothing new, eh? Anyway my oldest has been trying to get ready for our visit to his cousins in Texas next month. Last year his cousins gave him their cast off "Yu Gi Oh" cards and since then he has drawn his younger brother into the fray. They've spent some of their money (birthday, allowance, etc.) on more cards. Even once asking me to order some for them on-line, etc. Well they are both pretty intrested in having me play games with them. I've just never gotten into the game. So one day my oldest asks me, "well what card game would you like to play"? I told him I'd look around and see. Well I cam e upon a now out of print game called "Netrunner". Now for me, a geek, Netrunner is an ideal game. :) Since then I've sought out some cards here and there and now we play about once a week. It's a pretty fun game and I know that the latest and greatest cards are not just waiting to be bought, and the company is not going to be releasing any new suppliments any time soon so I am safe there. The overview is essentially each player takes up the role of either a corporation trying to move forward 'agendas', or a 'runner' that is trying to 'liberate' (i.e. steal) them. There is a trend among games like this. Collectable card games (Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon, etc.), and even collectable miniature games (Mech Warrior, a Baseball one, etc.) where companies create games that are not too expensive to get into - maybe $10-$30 will get the 'basic' set - but they will also sell "booster" sets. These are usually about 25-50% of the basic set. The catch is these booster will always have more powerful cards or whatever. And if you and your friends have even one of these the competitive juices will always want to get the latest and greatest. And oh course the game companies will continually release new items and make the older ones obsolete. An endless cycle. It's sort of like why I stopped playing another table top wargame once upon a time. Warhammer 40,000. This game is a sci-fi table top miniatures game. Well, I used to really enjoy this game, but once they released the 3rd edition of the rules, and obsoleting yet another set of miniatures, I decided to not play anymore. I don't really have a point in all of this. But these 'hobbies' had become money pits. I enjoy wargaming (essentially complicated versions of chess), I like the miniatures, I like painting and 'customizing' them. But as I've gotten older I am less intrested in spending money on them to get the biggest or best. I just want to enjoy them for what they are supposed to be. A temporary diversion. Verse for today: Psalm 44:4-8, esv You are my King, O God; ordain salvation for Jacob! Through you we push down our foes; through your name we tread down those who rise up against us. For not in my bow do I trust, nor can my sword save me. But you have saved us from our foes and have put to shame those who hate us. In God we have boasted continually, and we will give thanks to your name forever. Selah


ALP said...

Even though you ended the post the way you did - I have to say that I am very impressed that you take time weekly to play a game with your children.

All children need time with their parents and most of the time - dads have less time (not always the case but most of the time it is).

We all get so wrapped up in all the "things" we have to get done that we really lose the focus on what things we really "need" to be doing.....

a christian teen said...

Hi, i am a teenager and i have just a quick question about life. What if a person who you thought was your friend tried to break up a friendship between you and a friend. What would you do?

samurai said...

Dear Christian Teen,

That is a pretty deep question. To be honest I am not 100% sure how to answer you.

God provides us with friends as a source of grace in our lives. Sometimes these friends will speak into our lives to reveal something that we have not seen before. Sometimes they can be a source of warning.

However, other things may be going on here. Since I do not know the whole situation I can not speak accurately. An relevant story...

When I first started dating the woman who is now my wife, a friend approached me and asked me, "what if I told you that God has told me that you are not to marry this woman". I thought about it for a second. Was this guy trying to break up my new relationship? What purpose did he have in asking me such a question! But then I realized he was not realy trying to break anything up, but wanted to know where my heart was. My response to him was that I appreciated his concern, but at this time I did not feel like God had shown me this. I would pray about it.

If you'd like - please share with me some particulars and I will gladly try and help some more. But I would encourage you to get on your knees and seek the Holy Spirit's insight into the situation. Be willing to evaluate your own predjudices as well.

Proverbes 3:5-8, esv
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord, and turn away from evil. It will be healing to your flesh and refreshment to your bones.

I hope this was helpful. I will pray for you and your friends.