Proclomation of Love

Note: There are two entries for 14-Feb-06 I got completely wrapped up in my post below that I failed to proclaim publicly my love for those in my life. So many, many people. I have a brotherly affection for my entire Christian family, both those whom God has brought into my life in person (which I don't think of them read about my ramblings here) and to those whom God has brought to me in an extended fashion across the WWW. But this love is the one born of family. It's nice, but... I wish to proclaim the love God has given me for my dearly beloved wife. What a precious gift God has given me. I first met her when I was set up on a blind date with a roommate of hers from college (my beloved would be remiss if I did not mention that she did not steal me from her, but that her roommate had intentions of becoming a nun all along - and that could be a long blog entry in and of itself). We met at the home-coming football game of her college. We sat through the whole game discussing God's sovereignty and man's free will. Later we all went to a local national park and remember seeking her out to no avail. I lived over 60 miles away, but when I went back to work I distinctly felt the Holy Spirit "tap me on my shoulder". My beloved has captured my heart and I desire to lift her up and proclaim her beauty to all. Thirteen wonderful years I have been married to her. She has shown me so much about myself. She has helped me become a better husband, a better Christian, a better father, and a better man. Shortly before we got married I remember a picture that I believe God gave to me. He showed me an image of a huge treasure chest craddled in two huge hands that fully cupped the chest. It slowly opened to reveal a treasure of immeasurable wealth and beauty and He said to me, "this is but a dim picture of what I am entrusting to you. Take care of her for I will call you into account." I do not deserve such trust, but His grace has been sufficient. I am humbled and honored to have been entrusted with such a gift of God. My verse in regards to my Beloved: Song of Solomon, all of it.

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