It's just like shooting phish in a barrel

I am not one to usually fall for phishing attempts.  I am leery of any unsolicited free opportunities, don't even bother with some kind of assistance with a money transfer, and i am not interested in any sort of time share.  So, when an e-mail came into my business e-mail address advising me that i needed to upgrade a certain function within my PC i should have noticed that certain fields did not look quite right, but this thing i was told to update is something that i've had trouble with before and before i verified anything i was clicking and typing away.  *sigh* Fortunately i realized my error quickly and immediately revoked the privileges of this function and reacquired new privileges using brand spanking new passwords.  I felt like such an id10t.  There were at least two things i should have noticed off the bat, but my guard was down and i was not paying close enough attention.  My paragraph here is to encourage anyone who reads this to verify, verify, verify, and if you feel that you have clicked on a link or provided a password to a 3rd party you would rather not have... change all related passwords immediately.  It is highly recommended that a password be a MINIMUM of 8 characters (12 is preferred), containing upper AND lower case 'alpha' characters and at least 1 numeric and 1 'special (~!`@#$%^&*-.,<>) character.  Also - it is best to not use any personal references in case "social engineering" is taking place.

I got on a writing tear.  6700 words.  I followed a friend's advice and just wrote and wrote and wrote.  I kept going until i got to the end of the outline i had worked up a few months back.  Although, i did have to wing it in some spots because i did not have every detail outlined.  I have now hit a roadblock of sorts... my own outlining.  I need to get going on that part, but in the meantime i am not confident in sharing what i have so far because i want to proof it at least with one go over.  Oh, and i have recently learned of pages being enabled on Blogger.com, so i want to look into that to help sort my stories, and preferably in a more chronological order - as opposed from newest to oldest.  I just need to take time to figure it out and how to get it to work properly.

I have often received good reviews in regards to performances at my work.  I am not boasting because i feel that it is of God's grace and favor and not because i am some awesome worker in and of myself.  To be honest, i feel inadequate pretty much every day.  I work among some incredibly bright people, and while i am able to learn and use what they share, i am often reminded that although i am a peer in employment i am not a main contributor to the knowledge pool.  Well, this year i was reminded that i will be expected to pursue regaining at least a CCNA.  *sigh*  I really struggle at book learning.  I struggle in individual pursuit of further education.  Get me in a class with an instructor where i can interact and put my hands to work on what i am learning, i get it.  Unfortunately, that form of tutoring is pretty steeply expensive and my employer is not inclined to pay, not unless i am pursuing some form of college degree.  As of right now i do not have a plan... and i am pretty nervous about achieving this goal put before me.

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