Only 56 more hours until Monday

... today just flew by. I was working on a set of switches that "absolutely, positively, have to be there..." - you get the idea. A lot of "layer 8" issues, but I managed to get through it. They will "burn in" over the weekend and ship out on Monday.

I finally have some new story ideas so I've been taking notes (but I left my notebook at the Chyropractor's office last night) and I hope to begin outlining what I hope to be abother 10,000 words or so for my continuing charecters (see my writing blog if interested). It will mostly revolve around action and sci-fi adventure - not much romance despite my own affinity for those kinds of movies. Speaking of which...

I've seen a trailer for the movie "Atonement". This movie shows a lot of promise, but with it being in limited release, and having learned a few things about it... I am not sure I will want to make the extra effort to go see it. I will not try an bias anyone's opinion...

I've been thinking about starting a pin collection of sorts. You know, like people sometimes do on hats and the like. These are the pins I think I would put on it...

US Army pin - because it sort of represents my school of 'higher learning'
Air Assult - because this was one of my 'high marks'
Honorary Order of St Barbara - because it is another 'high mark'
The Tron Pin I reference on Wednesday - because I am a geek like that

I was thinking about some kind of Huricane Katrina pin, because that meant something to me as well. There are others, but my mind is failing me right now... no surprise there.

Well, I want to treat my beloved to some kind of date night, but our budget is pretty tight... I may have to settle for NetFlix... :)

Tha Panthers travel to Jacksonville on Sunday... although I will not be able to watch it, I really-really-really want the Panthers to win this one. If they have no more upsets the rest of the year this would make my year. :) Jacksonville is the better team this year, and although the Panthers beat the 49ers last week - I am not going to get my hopes up.

Oh, before I forget... I am 'keeping track of' a few movies that are rumored to be coming out...

The Hobbit
And the next Tron movie

That's all I have for now... hope you all have a blessed weekend...

Verse for today:
Psalm 31:3-5, ESV
For you are my rock and my fortress;
and for your name's sake you lead me and guide me;
you take me out of the net they have hidden for me,
for you are my refuge.
Into your hand I commit my spirit;
you have redeemed me, O Lord, faithful God.


Susan said...

Oh your Panthers just didn't get it done today. Neither did my Bucs. My FF team DID win, though...thank goodness.

:-) Susan

samurai said...

My Panthers looked aweful yesterday! I keep hoping that the Falcons will improve so that the Panthers can finish last and maybe keep the trend (5 years running now) of the team finishing last in the NFC South, takes the title the next season. ;-)

I think my FFB team might actually win the first round of our church league's playoff's! We both have a receiver - his is an Atlanta receiver, mine is Colston from the Saints... the #8 seed might actually take down the #1 seed!