Yet more ramblings

I'm not really sure what to blog about so I thought I'd just put down some random thoughts... * My beloved had an eye exam at the request of our primary care provider. No change in her vision, so we still do not know what is causing her headaches. More follow visits to come. * So, I am almost asleep while watching the end of Monday Night football last night when ESPN cordially informs me that the Panthers are still in the playoff hunt. (See my blog entry on what their real chances are) Ok, I'll buy into it - after all, I believe in miracles. * Speaking of football... somehow, the team I am playing in my church fantasy football team has made it to the 'Championship' game! What makes this so blog-worthy was that my team was 6-7 going into the 'playoffs', and since then I've taken out the #1 and the #4 seed. This weekends game is against the overall #2... to be honest, I'm just happy to be there. :-) * We had some pretty severe storms over the weekend. Sometime Sunday-night/early-Monday morning a tree in my side yard went down. It didn't just lay over, it snapped at about six feet. And, I am not talking about a bending kind of break, but a complete break. By God's grace it didn't hit the house, or my neighbor's fence. It practically fell parallel to the property line. Now I get to play lumberjack. :-) * Last night my beloved went to a cookie exchange with a bunch of friends. She had a great time, but because so many ladies participated, whe came home with eleven dozen cookies. A funny image came to my mind... what if at these things they did things like at a 'wine tasting' party. You know, you take a cookie, nibble on it, and then spit it out into a spit bucket so you don't end up getting too full by eating too many cookies and ruining your dinner. LOL * I am done with the shopping part of Christmas, but that does not mean I might not have more gifts to buy. There are some gifts for my family that my beloved usually takes care of. Now, to be fair it is not her job to buy gifts for my family, it's just that I've gotten spoiled over the years. :-) And there is also all of the wrapping that still needs to be done. I was sitting at my home computer getting ready to type up our family letter when it hit me... there are only eight (seven now) more days until Christmas! * A friend of mine got some really good news! By God's grace she has been able to eliminate most (if not all) of her debt! Just in time for Christmas! \o/ Praise God for His mercy and kindness. * Facebook is both a blessing, and a curse. I joined up to network with someone who invited me to join so that we could network with some others with similar interests (he's Catholic, and I am protestant, so there is some oil in the water, but that does not mean we don't have similar interested - especially in our Lord and Savior). Since then I have become totally hooked. So many widgets and gizmo's. It's becoming my second favorite thing to do on the web (Blogging is still #1, and Webkins has been dropped to #3). One great thing about it has been that I've been able to connect with some Army buddies who are not able to be home for the holidays. * I have started the early stages of working with my friend to see if we can add a little 'trimmings' around the Dojo blog here. Seeing how fast this is coming along, it might be next summer before it's ready. LOL - BTW, if any of you guys (especially Linda and Susan) know how to update the template via the new Blogger platform, I would love to hear how. Also, if you have suggestions I'd be happy to hear them. Verse for today: Psalm 86:11-13, ESV Teach me your way, O Lord,that I may walk in your truth;unite my heart to fear your name. I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart,and I will glorify your name forever. For great is your steadfast love toward me;you have delivered my soul from the depths of Sheol.

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