Christmas traditions here at the Dojo

I was struggling with an idea to blog about, when a fellow blog-buddy suggested "Christmas traditions". I had to think hard about this one because growing up, no two Christmas' were the same. But then I remembered the ones I've sort of started with my own family.

The first one is regarding our tree. If you note, the picture on the left is a fine example of symetry. A good amount of lights, pretty decorations. Not our tree! We have a lot of home made orniments that were assembled by our children. We also have home made garland made of red yarn. The amount of lights varies from year to year because it depends a lot on which strings I can get to work. For example, this year we are strictly a white light household. LOL. DS1 even makes new Lego ornaments every year.

My beloved's family has a tradition of eating Fondue at Christmas. I mean, there's turkey at Thanksgiving, and a big meal for New Year's, Easter, St. Patrick's day, but it just feels like it's too soon to eat another big bird. Although we have not made it a tradition in our home yet, I think we will starting this year. My beloved was actually suprised when I suggested it for our dinner.

Here's one that I have brought in from my own childhood. When I would wake up on Christmas morning, my mother would lay out our stockings on our beds. This, I later learned, was to encourage my brother and me to stay in our beds a little bit longer. ha ha ha One Christmas eve, I can't remember how old we were, my brother and I were told that we could not open ANY presents until the morning. That night we dozed off anxiously expected the next day. Well, my brother woke up a three in the morning! And he new what time of day it was! He starts walking around the house yelling, "It's the morning!"

I know one tradition that did indeed start with our first child, especially once he knew what Christmas was and all that. We open one present on Christmas eve now, and have done so since he was born (this being the eleventh year).

Some traditions I would like to start, but haven't yet...

* I would like to start reading the account of Christ's birth from Luke.
* Waiting until after breakfast to open presents.
* Having my children pick out a present (either new, or from a working part of their 'horde') to give away to a family in need each year.

May the spirit of the Lord fill each of you with the joy of what this season truly represents.

Verse for today:

Psalm 91:1-2, ESV

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most Highwill abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say [1] to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress,my God, in whom I trust.”

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Linda said...

I love your ideas for new traditions.