Random Tuesday Thoughts

One of the things i struggle with as a writer is the process of proof reading and editing.  Both when others are helping me, and when i try and do it myself.  I know if you want to do quality work it is a vital part of the process, and yet i find myself being impatient.  Yeve Eeffoc has been a WWW acquaintance who has been an incredible encouragement and help in this area.  But, she has a life of her own and sometimes my stories get lost in the shuffle, etc.  Well last week i finished up my commentary (from a Christian "samurai" perspective) of Miyamota Musashi's The Way of Walking Alone.  I asked seven friends to give it a look over and get back to me if there is anything that needs to be corrected.  It's been four and a half days!  LOL  See what i mean about not being very patient.  One person is on vacation this week, four of them i "dropped" it on them, and the other two were aware i was sending it (and so did the one going on vacation), but like i said before... they all have lives.  But i really am anxious to know what they think...
Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. (Matthew 6:34, ESV)
Over the weekend i finished a personal project.  It was a small woodshed to store firewood for the winter.  When i mean small, i mean that is only a 1/2 cord of wood in there.  I am really happy with it...proud might be a better word.  I built it with the scraps from the deck project, with the only additional materials needed were some lag screws and a sheet of plywood for the roof.  It's a really simple project, and most anyone in the world can, and do, do much bigger and complex projects, so i am not really sure why i am so 'puffed up' over this.

The movie TRON is not due out for 4 months 27 days and 16 hours (as of when this blog post will post), and i am still really looking forward to it.  I know it is just a movie, and i am not like a giddy school girl waiting for the Beatles to come, but i am also aware that there is a very good possibility that it is not going to be as good as the hype.  But i am interested in a lot of the press releases and all.  but i think that a lot of my facebook friends are thinking i am over doing it.  But this is what i do... when i am interested in something i like to learn as much as i can, and even share it on facebook.  I know the movie is also only going to be 90 minute movie, and i also know it is only a movie... so... am i doing something wrong?  I did this with The Book of Eli, and The Hobbit Movie, and my interests in Shadowrun, Flair, MouseHunt, etc.... I think i am beginning to understand why people block me on facebook... I don't really care if people like what i like, i am not trying to make them like those things, i am not trying to annoy anyone, i am not trying to boast somehow... i am only trying to share my interests... i am just being... well... me.  Is that wrong?

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