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I've known for a while that the Fallout series was going to have another "chapter" (Fallout New Vegas)release sometime later this year, but yesterday the official "Teaser Trailer" came out.

All it is, is something to whet the appetites of those of us diehard Fallout fans something to drool over, all without giving us anything more about the actual game itself.  But that's ok.  For the longtime fan of the Fallout series, i can deal with that.

I bought my first Fallout game when i was on active duty, back in 2002, a full 5 years after it's release.  I played it during the few hours of off time i had and was hooked.  There is just something about role-playing and not having everything just spoon fed to you that us appealing to me.
Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game is a post-apocalyptic computer role-playing game that was developed and published by Interplay in 1997 and is the first game in the Fallout series. The game takes place in the year 2161 on the West Coast of what used to be the United States of America, particularly in California.(from the Wikipedia "Vault")

When i completed that game i picked up Fallout 2 from a used computer game store, but i ran out of Active Duty time before i finished that game.  When i got home i just forgot about it.  That is until i heard about Fallout 3! I've since tried to re-install the older two versions, but without very limited success.I do know they have repackaged the first 3 games in the series for around $20, and it plays on Vista.  not sure about Windows 7 though.

How does one describe the Fallout game series?  While the first two were made by a company called Interplay while the second in the series was made by a company known as Black Isle Studios.  There was a Fallout 3 in the works, but was discontinued when Black Isle had to lay a bunch of employees off. At some point later the franchise was purchased by Bethesda Softworks who, of course, released Fallout 3.  While Bethesda was still working on the expansions for Fallout 3 (as well as other games within their inventory) they negotiated with Obsidian Entertainment (an grandchild if you will, of Interplay and Black Isle) who will now be releasing Fallout New Vegas.  The first two games are played in what i believe is called a 3rd person point of view, while Fallout 3 is best done in the 1st person perspective )although you can still play it in the 3rd if you wish).  There is still a lot to come out regarding as to what this new game will be like... but i am anticipating having to possibly upgrade my laptop in the next twleve months or so. 8)

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Susan said...

I'm going to have to ask my DS 1 if he plays this at all. Sounds like it'd be up his alley.