The beginning of a new millennial set of posts - Blog entry # 1001

It has taken me 8 years, 2 months and 14 days to reach this 'milestone'.  On January 6th, in the year of our Lord 2006, "Samurai's Dojo" was 'born'.  I have had ups and downs, long periods of not posting, and days on end of continuous posts, but since, as i stated way back then, these posts are more for me to just "think out loud" (paraphrasing) i am OK with it having taken me over 8 years to get to this point.  My readership has never been more than a couple of handfuls.  At one time i even had a "following".  But, now, i do have some posts that continue to get Google search and browsing.  In the end, this is still mostly for me to sort things out, and hopefully, the lord can use a few words here and there, to reach out through the 'matrix' to reach a few people.  Tulip has been by far the most faithful reader and encourager, but i have enjoyed 'meeting' everyone who has posted a reply, and to those who have stopped by, but not replied, you are welcome here as well.

Over the years, and across the many a blog post, i have been quite varied in what i write about.  There have been some consistency, as evidenced by the labels (scroll all the way down to see the list).  Those that are small have been mentioned less frequently, and the larger ones, most frequently.  In any event, my posts are pretty random... whatever comes to my mind... sometimes several things.  And, often when i read back over some of the posts, it seems in mid-thought too.

In any event, if you stopped by, i hope you found the post(s) at least remotely interesting.

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