Rambling Wednesday

You know things are bad when the title of the articles in the paper after a game are, "Titanic's captain says he didn't build boat", and "It's like watching mascots fight".  Wow.  Now, i have not had a chance to watch my Panthers live yet, and since none of their games (except the 1st meeting against the Saints) have been close, they've not even been on NFL Replay (that i am aware of), so i a cannot speak to how they look.  Is their heart in it?  Are they even trying?  I have no idea, but when the Head Coach, and even some of the players, are beginning to vocalize their disappointment with the front office... not a good scenario.  I am hoping to make a trip down to Charlotte to catch a game next season.  I am pretty sure this boat will not get turned around next season either, but maybe i can at least get tickets at a good price from somewhere.

Related to football, sort...   recently Cynide games recently released an updated computer version of a fantasy version of American football.  It is based on the table top game by Games Workshop.  The first iteration of the game came out about a year and half ago with only 8 of the plethora of teams originally available in the tabletop form.  This updated version has 20 of the teams.  From Humans to Elves (three different kinds), to Halflings, and Orcs.  I purchased the game on-line as it is only available via download at this time.  2.88GB worth of compressed files!  And when i went to install it, nearly 40% of the files were corrupted!  *sigh*  Such is life.  I will look to find another 3 or 4 hours where i can make a second download attempt another day.


Not too long ago my Beloved encouraged me to get a "smart phone" to help me keep track of our now even more diverse schedule now that she is back to work.  It has been an immense help.  Since it is a phone running the "Android" platform it is tied into Google quite a bit, which is fine by me.  I know Windows is releasing their own version of the Smart Phone here soon, but they are now the 3rd... behind iPhone (Apple) and Android (Google).  Judging by how well my PC works both at work and home... i am NOT going to be jumping on the Microsoft bandwagon anytime soon when it comes to Smart-phones.  These little devices are essentially little computers that can make phone calls, stream movies, text, surf the web, e-mail, in some cases video call... if it were not for Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas... 8)  But... it can be played on a PS3...  Back to the phones though, the "smart-phone" can be an amazing tool.  Able to download directions to find where the nearest Steakhouse or bookstore is, need to kill some time at the airport - download and watch a movie.  What about researching a paper for a class... no problem, bring up the web browser and Google it.  Oh wait, i need to keep track of how many calories i am eating... no problem, download an 'App'.  Way too cool if you ask me.  The way of the standalone Personal computer is going by the way side.  My new phone not only can do all those things above, but i can also get an adapter cable and connect it to a TV and play the movie on a much bigger screen - or do all of those other things.  Oh, and i almost forgot... MUSIC!  You can download and stream your favorite music, or audio books, or conferences, or sermons!  Simply amazing... i am pretty sure the thing that is hanging on my hip is more powerful (in raw computing power, not running programs perhaps) than what NASA had, and filled up ROOMS, to get the men on the moon.  Some day... look up the history of computers... it will amaze you.


Recently, even before my recent 'adventures', i knew i needed to pursue my prayer life more passionately.  More sincerely.  But i was not really sure how to do it honestly, and not as some means of religious observance as i am prone to do.  "Ambition gets you started, but habit keeps you moving."  Too often i lead in with my heart, and i jump to pursue some "worthwhile" goal, only to not have the head to maintain the tempo and pursuit.  And this is true in most areas of my life.  'Coincidentally' Gunny recently posted a blog entry regarding prayer, and then Desiring God also had a very timely blog.  I love to pray, but over time my personal fears have hampered my own prayers.  At first it was just my public prayers, but over time it crept into my personal private ones as well.  For me, i began to worry if i was praying more for what others might think, or because this is what i really hoped for.  What a fine line the balance between effort and grace.  Effort to affect grace is vain and worthless, grace affect effort is holy and a glory to God.  It is so hard to maintain the right perspective and source of effort.


Weather vane spinning
Thunder and Lightning in sync
By His hand, balance

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