Rambling for rambling sake

I am entering the 3rd week of physical therapy for an old Army injury.  Actually a pair of old Army injuries.  Set the way back machine for the summer of 1987.  A young Private was both selected and prideful enough to put on a show for some visiting dignitary whom he will never meet in person.  His section of 3 soldiers had been chosen to perform a dismounted air-mobile deployment, implementation of, redeployment of a TOW Anti-Tank Missile system.  My memory fails to remember just how heavy that system is overall, but the distributed load is quite considerable since there are only 3 men in the Anti-Tank section - and that is at 100% strength (at the time).  The LZ was in the middle of an open field that a Gopher colony had set up.  After tripping TWICE on the way to the setup site (breaking his rucksack frame in the process), the engagement of the fictitious enemy tank tank was a complete success.  The re-deployment of the missile system went a little slower (thankfully), but back at the bird the young private, in his haste, attempts to man-handle not one 60+ pound piece of equipment, but two of them, into the troop area of the helo, one in each hand.  I tore something in both shoulders.  When i went to the medics the next day i could not lift either arm above my waist.  The promptly provided me with military strength ibuprofen, game me a light duty slip and sent me on my way.  Fast forward to about a year or so ago, and my shoulders had started screaming enough for me to go see a doctor about it.  An MRI later shows a tear in an awkward location.  The orthopedist prescribes 6 weeks of Physical Therapy to see if that will 'fix' the issue (or at least strengthen the surrounding muscles to provide some relief.  I waiting about six more months because of switching employers and the new insurance policy has a pretty large deductible.  Now that the deductible has been met i've been doing the PT and it is really uncomfortable.  There are muscle tie-ins that i had never been truly aware of.  From the first session i have been getting some incredible base of the skull headaches, but i am motivated to put my best effort forward.  Anything to avoid having the surgery. The doc said that it is in such a location, and of such a nature. that he will have to cut the rest of the muscle away, and then reattach it.  And of course after that... PT will have to start all over again.  So, for now... i communicate what is going on with the Physical Therapist (who keeps asking me when my follow up appointment is), and performing the exercises the PT has for me.  Where did i put those 500mg Tylenol Tablets?

Alise over at "Big Mama's Blog" has been doing an inspiring series on depression.  While i feel like i am in a "good place" in regards to my recent round of depression, it is always good to keep it in mind moving forward.

Speaking of depression, the Carolina Kittens have dropped to 1-8 for this season.  I am still a Carolina Panthers fan, but i have resigned myself to the fact that they just aren't that good this year.  I am not sure why it is that they seem unable to knit two winning seasons back to back.  One year they have an injury bug, another they just can't seem to catch a break, some seasons are rebuilding years as players age or are forced to retire do to injury.  Then there are years like this year when it just seems impossible to get enough of the acts together to put together a winning game effort. 

I was finally able to complete my download of  BB: Legends Edition.  Some really nice improvements over the first push of the game.  The 20 different teams, plus the story mode play is very nice.  Not to mention all of the extra angles (game mechanics)  that can be played that where not there before.  I created a new Wood Elf team, and a new Halfling team just for fun.  I was going to do straight up Elves, but the cheerleaders were dressed to skimpy in my opinion.  My new Halfling team (which are nearly impossible to win with any regularity with) are called the Floundering Chefs.  8)  I've also started a Story-mode 'Assistant Coach'... supposedly you can work your way up and create your own team and play against some of the "Veteran" teams from the background... we'll see.

MouseHunt has been even more fun of late.  In late October the developers of the game at HitGrab created a Halloween event.  There was a special temporary area where you could get a special cheese.  They did up special drawings of some of the mice in costumes, and some 'event' mice.  If you were able to collect all three, and purchased a set of blueprints, it was possible to craft a limited edition trap.  An interesting event to say the least.  This month they are having a "King's Giveaway" event, where you try and attract special "prize" mice that drop credits which can in turn be used to purchase "fun" non-game-affecting items.  I did have a 'hit' by a Leprechaun mouse, but i failed to catch the little guy.  I only need one more of the Prize mice to complete my collection for this event.  The upper two are returning special mice... and EXTREMELY RARE.  from what i can tell though... you just have to get lucky to catch any one of these mice so... next month there will be a Christmas event... but i do not know anything about that one yet.

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